Winter Styling – Time to Cosy Up!

It’s time to get serious about cosying up!

Overnight temperatures hovering close to zero have prompted some restyling – soft cushions, snuggly blankets, warm lighting and a splash of old gold on the walls.

We also recently replaced the double doors into this room with some old jarrah doors which we only partially stripped back and which give a nice warm feel to the space.

A Wedding Down South

The South West is a magical place for a wedding and when my son and daughter-in-law picked it as the place they would be married we let our imaginations run riot.

Here is a glimpse of the C & Me styling ideas we came up with.

Introducing C & Me

Christobel is transitioning into a fresh new brand – C & Me – which is a collaboration between Christine Lovitt, the name behind Christobel, and her daughter Gemma Lovitt.

We will be making our first appearance at the Fremantle Bazaar in early December.

Here is a look at some of the products we will be bringing along:

Made on the Left Winter Market

I have weary fingers from so much paper folding but I carry on regardless because it means I will have lots of things to bring along to the Made on the Left Market which is being held on Sunday 28 July at the State Theatre in the City.

Make sure not to miss it!

It’s almost market time again!

Where did January go?  And most of February for that matter.  Soon it will be Easter (mmm – think melted chocolate).  You can do some Easter shopping at the next Unwrapped Market which is going to be in South Perth on Sunday 24 March.

I have started making some Easter things for my stall so pop by and have a look.

Upcycling for Christmas

Christmas needn’t be about spending lots of money.

Here are a couple of things you can do with things you can find at op shops if you don’t already have them lying around at home:

A pleated paper circle which you can make from any old paper.  I used old sheet music and then inserted a section of coloured paper.

If you have any unused paint lying around, make a stiff paper funnel and then pour a small amount of paint into an empty bottle.  Swirl the bottle around so that the paint covers the inside, either all the way up or part way up.  You can then use them as decorative vases, candle holders or incense holders.  (tip:  use water based paint rather than oil based paint as it dries far quicker)