My New Typewriter

1920's Vintage Typewriter

Keyboard with slightly wonky keys

This is my new merchandising tool and it will be making its first guest appearance on my stall at the Fremantle Bazaar.  The Bazaar is an annual event held in the grounds of the Fremantle Arts Centre and is being held this year on the first weekend of December.


  1. Have some of the keys been transposed or is the a pre-QWERTY layout?? Do I see 2 As, 2 Os & 2 Us? Any info on when standard QWERTY was adopted?

    1. How observant of you! The typewriter is German and the keyboard is a modified QWERTY keyboard which has been adapted for the German language. The U to the right of the P, and the O and A to the right of the L all have an umlauch. The Z and the Y have been transposed because Z is more common in the German language.

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